About Roulette House Edge

Roulette house edge is a difficult concept to master for some players. First you must understand that each spin is completely random and in no way reliant upon the spins before or after. Second, you should know that all bets on the wheel have the same house edge in terms of payout. Play roulette here for better payouts.

Single Zero Wheel

The roulette house edge for all bets on a single zero wheel are slightly lower than those on a double zero wheel. The house edge on this wheel is just 2.7%, making the return rate for the casino 97.3%. The en prison rule lowers the house edge further. With this rule, even money bets are halved if a zero is rolled. The en prison rules decreases the house edge on a single zero roulette wheel to just 1.35%, making the percentage return 98.65%.

Double Zero Wheel

A roulette wheel with both a zero and double zero has a higher house edge than the single zero wheel. The house edge on this wheel is 5.26% and the total percentage return is 94.74%. With the en prison rule, the casino will drop their house edge to 2.63% with a total percentage return of 97.37%. With a double zero wheel, one bet has a payout different from all others. The five-number bet covering 00, 0, 1, 2 and 3 has a house edge of 7.89% and a total percentage return of 92.11%.

After examining the roulette house edge for both wheels, you will see that the single zero wheel is a much better choice for increasing your chances of winning. If your only option is the risky double zero wheel, you may want to skip the roulette wheel altogether and try another game, such as the slot machines.